Tiili NL/321809

Tiili is a lovely dog from well known sheepdog lines. She was born June 18th 2012, and she is both NKK (Norwegian Kennel Klub) and ISDS registered. Tiili is by Bess and Serge van der Zweep‘s Gary. Gary won the CSC 2015, and he also reached the semifinals in the WT in 2014. Bess is by Serge’s Jim and the grandchild to Pennant Williams Dale. Tiili is thus related to both Floss and Tink.

Tiili has gotten the norwegian nickname “bartedyret”, as she holds the somewhat unusual bearded coat. Early in the Border Collie’s history Border Collie’s with bearded coats appeared, and from time to time this coat type appears in a few litters today. Tiilis mother Bess has the same type of coat and further back we find Turnbulls Blue who also was a bearded type. The bearded coat type in her pedigree can be seen as far back as Maddie ISDS8, who was owned by J. A. Reid.

Tiili is an overjoyed dog that charms everyone she meets with her pleasant nature. She is owned by Hege, and she is used as a herding and working dog. She started, and won, her first sheepdog trial in June 2014. Later that same autumn she started in the sheepdog trials class 3, witch is the highest trial class in Norway, and she entered the Norwegian Nursery trials where she got a 16th place out of a total of 31 competitors.

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(Skrevet av/written by Hege Angelica Hoel)